Diversity Weekends

Sat, 02/16/2013 - 6:10pm -- Michael Walsh
PDA in Basin Spring Park, Eureka Springs, AR
Gnome Hearts Jay, Eureka Springs, AR
The author engages in party prep

Eureka Springs has a queer affinity not only for LGBT visitors but for all manner of colorful characters, misfits, eccentrics and rugged individualists. Which is why, in addition to boatloads of gay vacationers, our three seasonal Diversity Weekends are among the most popular for hip heteros, too.

But make no mistake about it: Diversity Weekends are gay weekends. They are created expressly for gay and lesbian visitors and hosted by the town's gay and gay-friendly businesses and a small army tireless volunteers.

Year after year without fail, these Spring, Summer and Fall celebrations pack the hotels, restaurants and nightspots by offering a wide variety of entertainment, amusement and diversion: Live music (from Newgrass to mellow jazz), DJ re-mix dance-til-you-drop parties, glam drag shows, pool parties, concerts, costume contests and special events.

To build stamina for these non-stop party weekends, mid-day disco naps are highly recommended.

2015 Diversity Weekends

  • Spring: April 3-5
  • Summer: August 7-9
  • Fall: November 6-8